3 Local Search Conferences Not To Miss In 2017

2017 Local Search Conferences

Get Your Local Search on this Spring

It’s hard to believeĀ that it is already 2017. If your New Year’s resolution was to learn and become better at optimizing your local business or become a more effective local marketer then these are the conference you should attend this spring.

With the explosion of voice search, the continuing increase in mobile usage and the importance of micro-moments,Ā the rules of the local search game are changing extremely quick. It is imperative that local businesses and marketing professional adapt their strategies and stay abreast of current trends. My favorite way to do just that is by attending many of the industry leading conferences. Ā Beyond listening to industry experts explore new trends and strategies the conferences provide a perfect atmosphere to interact and collaborate with other businesses and professionals.

3 Local Search Conferences to AttendĀ BeforeĀ Summer

Local Search Summit 2017 by RIOSEO

Local Search Sumit 2017

This conference is probably one of the most enjoyable conferences I have participating in. For the last two years I have attended and this year will be no different. It’s not because its right on the water in sunny San Diego.

April 26th & 27th at the Kona Kai Resort & Spa in San Diego, CA

RIOSEO provides a local management, reporting and optimization SaaS solution for large multi-location businesses. They have been a leader in the local marketing automation space for many year and they are also a thought leader in the local space. Ever since their first search summit 2 years ago they have been bringing in great speakers from company like:

  • Google
  • Hallmark
  • Forrester
  • Local Search Association
  • Petco

Those are just a few companies who will have representatives providing talks about local search tends and strategies forĀ 2017. The information presented last year ranged from talks about connecting people and business online with Google to the state of local search then and now.

The information presented last year ranged from talks about “connecting people and business online with Google” to “the state of local search then and now“.

The other aspect that I enjoy about this conference is the size. It is on the smaller side compared to other digital conferences I have attended. The size allows for a lot more one on one interactions and some really good Q and A sessions with the presenters. I would recommend this conference. If you attend ping me @searchlocalmag.

The Essentials

LSA Conference 2017 by The Location Search Association

LSA17 Conference

LSA is another very valuable local marketing and optimization source. I haven’t attended any of LSA’s conferences but I have participated in presentations by some of their team members and they are nothing short of exceptional. Also all the feedback I have heard about the Local Search Association conference is fantastic. This is one that I will be attending soon and can’t wait to provide my feedback.

What to Expect from the Local Search Association Conference

The Essentials

MozCon Local 2017 by Moz

MozCon Local 2017

Moz and Rand Fishkin have created some of the best SEO content ever created. I have been following them for over 10 years. Rand and their crew helped me learn the industry and create a profession for myself. For that I am eternally grateful. Since my first encounter with their blog, SEOmoz.org I have learned so much and have grown so much.

I attended MozCon Local last year and really enjoyed the conference. MozCon Local is a much smaller conference compared to the MozCon conference in September. I met some amazing people and enjoyed some fantastic sessions including Ā “The State of Local Search with David Mihm” to Ā “Feeding the Beast: Local Content for RankBrain with Mary Bowling”. The smallĀ size and high quality of information is why this conference makes my short list.


When it comes to local search there aren’t too many choices when looking into conferences and focused information. The three conferences above will not disappointĀ From my experience you are able to obtain great information and connections from any conference but it is nice to have conferences dedicated to your particular need. Beyond the information and networking they also put on some pretty awesome parties!Ā If your budget is tight I would review their agenda’s and go with the one that is going to help your business the most. Just remember small increases in leads and traffic can lead to big revenue increases in the long run. Think of it as an investment in yourself and the business you are helping.

Paul Baumgarthuber
Paul is director of marketing for LaserAway Medical Group who is the nations leader in aesthetic services with 35 locations nationwide and growing. Paul has over 10 years experience in marketing and SEO having worked with clients ranging from LifeLock to Massage Envy. He is also a partner at DomainAppraisal.org and Maven Labs.

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